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Our Story

"Oh, my darlin'. Oh, my darlin'. Oh, my darlin' Jenna Rose. I will love you now and forever, oh, my darlin' Jenna Rose."

From the time my daughter was born, I changed the words on this classic song to sing to her. Now a teenager, she likes it a whole lot less, but I couldn't not name our new company after that memory. 

Hi, I'm Katie Malan. My daughter, Jenna and I have started this company to help her learn the value of money and how to run a business. We make ribbon bundles that you attached to a wreath of your choice. Whether adding curb appeal to your front door, or inside your home, these interchangable ribbon sets are the easiest way to spice up your holiday or everyday decor. 

Katie and Jenna Malan
Our collections are all made with love by us

Each ribbon set is hand-cut and uniquely made by either Katie or Jenna (or sometimes my niece, Chloe) and is subject to minor variations in width and pattern, and ribbons.

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